Better to invest smart!
WAGNER INVESTMENT is a thesis-driven global asset management firm dedicated to the active management of blockchain and digital asset based portfolios. We create and implement actively managed and algorithmically optimized portfolios for private investors, family offices and institutions.
Safe and compliant
We got you covered, literally. Our services includes offering insurance. And by getting advice from the best legal parties, we set up a custom, tailor-made, legal structure that is in full compliance with current regulation.

  • Insurance coverage: For mid- and long-term storage solutions, we have insurance covering extraordinary circumstances including cyberrisk.
  • No hassle: Pre-set conditions for KYC / AML screening ensure you have the fastest possible onboarding, equal to the most modern banks.
  • One-time automatic onboarding: Unlike other banks, we only ask you to verify your information once. We keep all the checks running in the background, so you don't need to be bothered.
  • Large degrees of freedom: Our setup ensures we have a high degree of flexibility to ensure you have the right type of investment, whilst ensuring safety and security.

Volatility? We love it

Our algorithms optimize your portfolio in the background, ensuring you get the most out of your value. Not limited to a single pair, it optimizes a whole basket of currencies at the same time, getting the most out of portfolios.

  • Algorithm enabled: Using advanced algorithms we ensure we go beyond anything our competition has to offer. Not only do we have dedicated algorithms for rebalancing and dynamic stop losses (triggered to prevent further downfalls), we also actively trade with a team of dedicated experts.
  • Our own platform: We are the owner of Cryptotrader, the world's first algorithm platform dedicated to crypto assets. In existence since 2013, with over 120.000 registered users and 5 million backtests ran, we know a thing or two about advanced trading. And we have over 2.000 bots to choose from.
  • Dynamic optimization: By keeping up-to-speed with current developments and analyzing big data, we make sure we can stay on top of the market and apply and calibrate trading choices.

Private accounts

Funds are big pools of other people's money put together in one large account. You deserve your own. We build accounts in your name, so you don't have to.

  • No risk of mixing funds: Your own account means separation of funds, at all times. Unlike traditional funds, this means there is no risk of mixing your portfolio with others.
  • Dedicated attention: Using advanced dashboards, we can optimize and dedicate attention to specific portfolios. If a portfolio is not performing as desired, we have the option to change the strategy.
  • Learning from others: Because we service so many accounts, each portfolio can learn from the others, using them as stepping stones of knowledge.
Our 4 portfolios
Minimum Investment: € 50k
Portfolio I: Algorithmic

Strategy: Neutral. Volatility: High.

Portfolio allocation to a pool of curated, hand-picked crypto assets, with a high growth potential, outsizing the growth potential of already large crypto assets such as Bitcoin. Strengths are its diversity, high potential and transparency. The actively managed portfolio is powered by advanced algorithms, including dynamic market fall detection, rebalancing and portfolio optimization.
Portfolio II: Moonshots

Strategy: Offensive. Volatility: High.

Portfolio allocation to a pool of very young, carefully selected crypto assets, with a very high growth potential, building the future of Web 3.0. Strengths are its early stage, high potential and transparency. The managed portfolio is tailored to existing trends, are obtained through decentralized exchanges and allocated using the latest protocols and asset allocation methods.
Portfolio III: Yield

Strategy: Neutral. Volatility: Low.

Portfolio allocation to a small number
of crypto assets that optimizes yield by automatically allocating assets to the highest yielding fixed income opportunities to deliver a high interest rate. It serves as an advanced alternative to a bank account and is part of the fastest growing sector in blockchain, Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Strengths are its stability, solidity and very high potential.
Portfolio IV: Index

Strategy: Defensive. Volatility: Low.

Portfolio allocation to a market cap weighted index of crypto, rebalanced on a daily basis, to ensure a long-term strategic allocation. This index follows the market and ensures a steady and diverse spread of crypto. Strengths are its longevity, a hands- off approach and its defensive perspective on the crypto market.
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
Dashboard / App / Algorithms
EUR 99 / month
Management fee
1.2 percent (Annual Percentage Rate) of committed capital*
Performance fee
20 percent of return / profit, incl. 3y rolling High-Water-Mark*
Recommended Investment Timeline
Application: Open-ended
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